Thanks for visiting my website. I’m a Kiwi making news-flavoured travel photography. 

I started off at New Zealand’s largest daily paper in 2003. After two years chasing news I took a full-time position shooting UNESCO World Heritage sites. In 2012 I went freelance but kept up the travel. Since then I've been published in most major news titles around the world. 

After near constant travel through more than 70 countries I’ve seen almost nothing but kindness, decency and beauty. I have great respect for photojournalists working in conflict areas, but I believe there's much we haven’t lost or destroyed which warrants an honest representation in news media. 

 “The only true paradise is paradise lost”.

 For print sales and questions, write me at amos.chapple@gmail.comStories featured on this website can be licensed from the excellent team at Most of my stock work is available through the Getty collection, and